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Jac's Song


Charms of Making

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Charm of Making # 1

A charm is a collection of herbs, gemstones and other tiny bits and pieces that are chosen for their specific energies to help with the desired outcome.

These are usually combined and sewn into a piece of cloth, or a mojo bag. It is then charged by a spell or a chant (tends to be more powerful). The chant is recited three or nine times to ensure it is powered. Charms can also be empowered by asking each element to bless it.

When making a charm, use natural fiber materials, such as cotton, as the vibrations can flow more freely rather than being trapped in a synthetic cloth. Choose a fabric color suitable to your need.

Gather together all your ingredients and cloth.

Wrap the herbs and gems into the cloth and tie with either silver or gold thread or a colored ribbon (again suitable to the desired outcome).

Hold the charm in your hands and recite the chant as needed. Knead and really feel the charm. Then ask for the Element blessing as below:

Hold it over a candle and say:

Element of Fire, bless and enliven this charm

Sprinkle water on it and say:

Element of Water, bless and empower this charm

Sprinkle salt on it and say:

Element of Earth. bless and make fruitful this charm

Blow on it or pass through incense and say:

Element of Air bless and empower this charm

Hold it in your hands and ask Spirit for a blessing:

Guardians of Spirit, bless myself and this charm. That it may bring to me my desire, for the universal good of all, so mote it be.

Carry the charm on you or hold it a while every day and visualize your desire.

The Charm of Making can also be called the Charm of Manifestation into the Physical. Its purpose is the finishing touch to any spell working and the concentration used in the ritual solidifies the Magician's intentions into embryonic form in the Spiritual realms where all creation begins. Without this solidification and seed planting in the Spiritual, nothing can be manifested in the Physical.

Notes: For increasing Magic perform during bright Noon or the waxing Moon, with the Full Moon being strongest. For decreasing during evening hours or the waning Moon with the New Moon being the strongest. Use in conjunction with any ritual for it is primarily to use Dragon Power and Magic for bringing desires into being.
Supplies: Pentacle disk; Dragon pentacle; water chalice with a little fresh water in it; dish of salt; wine chalice; black (left) and white (right) altar candles; sword; wand; incense burner; appropriate incense; dragon's blood and mastic; dragon mirror; gong or bell; staff; any candles for spells; talisman bags, etc. It is useful for concentration to plan exactly what is to be used before beginning this ritual of Making.

Use the Basic Dragon Ritual up to the point of insertion of the necessary chants for specific spell workings. Hold sword in power hand, the staff in the other. While standing facing the Altar, hold the sword pointed to the Dragon pentacle and chant five, seven, or nine times in tones that vibrate through the body:

By Glow Of Sun The Power's Begun, By Moonbeam's Light The Spell Is Right, To Create Desire By Earth and Fire, Water, Air, Make Magic Fair. Powerful Charm Of Making, Creative Magic Undertaking, Be Formed!

While chanting this, concentrate deeply upon drawing on the Dragon power, feel the power being sent from all sides, listen for any messages from the Dragons and write them down. Place the candle, talisman bag and contents, or whatever you may be spelling, between the mirror and the Dragon Pentacle, making sure the Dragon Pentacle is reflected in the mirror along with the objects. If using a candle light it and let it burn out completely in that position. If using a Talisman bag or poppet (a small cloth doll, usually stuffed with herbs or cotton soaked in the appropriate oil for the ritual), leave it on the Altar overnight. Continue with rest of the ritual.

All Rituals when done in the practice of Dragon Magic can be inserted in the proper place of the Basic Dragon Ritual

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Charm of Making # 2:

A purification of objects for ritual use and their transformation into magical items.

The area is prepared by placing a quantity of each element in the proper quarter, as well as preparing the altar in the usual way. If available, a cauldron (empty) is placed in the center of the circle. Candles are placed at each of the four corners and lit, progressing deosil from the east. Salt and water are blessed, and the celebrants are purified with them. A magic circle is cast, and watchtowers summoned. The god is then drawn down as follows:

[The priest stands before the alter in an Osiris position, arms crossed across chest and feet together. The Priestess kneels before him with face and arms upraised.]


Hephaestus, forger of magic,
descends upon this the body of thy priest and servant,
lends us the strength of your arms.

Prometheus, shaper of man,
descend upon this the body of thy priest and servant,
lend us your fire and foresight

Morpheus, weaver of dreams,
descend upon this the body of thy priest and servant,
lend us your subtlety and vision


I am he, the shaper-god,
forger, builder, artisan, smith.
with strength and craft I form the world.

[The Priest helps the Priestess to rise, and she stands in the center of the circle in the god position, extending her arms outward and down, palms facing forward. The Priest kneels before her with head bowed.]

Clotho, spinner of the strand of life
Descend upon this the body of thy priestess and servant.
Lend us your wheel of making.

Hecate, caster of spells,
Descend upon this the body of thy priestess and servant.
Lend us the power of your magic.

Aphrodite, goddess of love,
Descend upon this the body of thy priestess and servant.
Grant us Eros, philos, aristos, agape.


I am she, the weaver-goddess,
Painter, poet, sculptor, witch.
With art and love I form the world.

[The priestess extends her hands to the priest, and helps him rise. The priest cups both hands and scoops from the cauldron, and then offers to the priestess.]


Drink now from the cauldron of Cerridwen, whose draughts bring knowledge, peace, and life.

[The priestess sips from the cupped hands, after which the priest drinks. The objects to be blessed are taken from the altar by the priest and moved widdershins to the west quarter, and immersed in the water there.]


Spirits of the west, in water born
In cool waters cleanse these tools
And wash from them all hurt and harm
This I ask, this charge I lay,
By oak and ash and bitter thorn.

[The objects are moved by the priestess to the south quarter and moved above the flames there.]


Spirits of the south, in fire born
In shining flames purify these tools
And burn from them all impurities
This I ask, this charge I lay,
By oak and ash and bitter thorn.

[The objects are moved to the east quarter by the priest and moved through the incense smoke.]


Spirits of the east, in sweet air born
in swirling winds polish these tools
and sweep from them all phantasm and illusion
This I ask, this charge I lay,
by oak and ash and bitter thorn.

[The objects are moved to the altar by the priestess, and placed upon the pentacle.]


Spirits of the north, in cool earth born
In mother earth ground these tools
and take from them all spirits dark
This I ask, this charge I lay,
By oak and ash and bitter thorn.

[The person consecrating the tools now offers an impromptu or prepared charge to the items, stating their purpose and mode of use. They are then taken up by the priestess and moved to the east quarter.]


Spirits of the east, from the bright air come,
Fill these tools with the swirling energies of the whirlwind
Make them float like the breeze
Spirits of air, hearken unto me,
As I do will, so more it be.

[The tools are now taken up by the priest and moved to the south quarter.]


Spirits of the south, from wild fire come,
Fill these tools with the burning energies of the flames
Make them glow with bright fire
Spirits of fire, hearken unto me,
As I do will, so mote it be.

[The tools are now taken up by the priestess and moved to the west quarter.]


Spirits of the west, from soothing water come,
Fill these tools with the calming energies of the warm rain
Make them flow like the tide
Spirits of water, hearken unto me,
As I do will, so mote it be.

[The tools are now taken up by the priestess and moved to the altar.]


Spirits of the north, from firm earth come,
Fill these tools with the ordering energies of the growing crops
Make them flourish like grapes on the vine
Spirits of earth, hearken unto me,
As I do will, so mote it be.

[The priest takes the tools from the altar and steps backwards. The priestess stands at the altar facing south towards the priest. The priest extends his right arm in parallel to the ground, between him and the priestess, with the tools in his hand.]


I am the god, ever desiring. I am the stag in the woods,
I am the sun in the noonday sky; I am the lover in the dark.
I offer passion, strength, devotion, and the swiftness of the hunt.

[The priestess extends her right arm in like fashion, and places her hand over that of the priest.]


I am the goddess, ever nurturing.
I am the tempting beauty of the maid,
I am the quiet strength of the mother,
I am the infinite wisdom of the crone.
I offer life, love, warmth, and the fruitfulness of the fields.

[Both step towards each other, and turn their hands and arms so the fingers point upwards, and the palms facing their own chest, cupping the other's palm between and holding the tools. They clasp each other with their left arms.]


Male and female, yin and yang, light and dark, action and stillness.
Apart we are forever incomplete, but together we form one.
in our joining we are blessed. In our union, the limitless energy
of universe is released and captured here.


As I do will


As I do will


As we do will, so mote it be.

[The priest and priestess kiss, then release grasps. If the number and size of the tools precludes them being held in one hand simultaneously, the latter charging section should be repeated for each. The tools are replaced on the altar. Cakes and wine are blessed and consumed, and a period of relaxation and rest follows. The watchtowers are then dismissed, and the circle opened.]

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